Who We Are

The InSight Magazine team is composed of dedicated students guided by a board of advisors and other field experts.


Aditi Mayer


Aditi Mayer is the founder and of InSight Magazine. As a Literary Journalism and International Studies double major with a minor in Digital Filmmaking, she is passionate about the intersections of media and social action. Through her work reporting issues in the local context, from human trafficking, labor exploitation, to homelessness, she felt as though face-to-face confrontations with poverty led to negotiations of identity, privilege, personal responsibility, and political allegiance. Beyond working on InSight Magazine, she can be found on her sustainable fashion blog or serving as a board member of the Asian American Journalist Association.

She is also a Student Ambassador for the Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation. 

Helena Carlson


Helena Carlson is the editor-in-chief of InSight Magazine and a UC Irvine student studying literary journalism and software engineering. She hopes that in the years to come, InSight will continue to grow and engage its readers so that the issue of local poverty will have its place among Californian concerns.

Shantrell Lumpkin

Managing Editor

Shantrell Lumpkin is the managing editor of InSight Magazine and an English major with an emphasis in creative writing. Shantrell has been with InSight since its inception, adding to the team with her skills in creative writing and determination in bringing awareness and a change  to poverty.


Mariel Baconawa


Mariel Baconawa is one of the editors for InSight Magazine and a Public Health Science major at UCI. She values service to others and hopes that InSight gives a voice to the marginalized and highlight possible solutions while engaging with the readers. By telling the stories of people’s lives Mariel also values the service that InSight does to the readers who will know how to better contribute to society.

Digital Media

Norbert Tsi

Digital Media

Norbert Tsi is one of the photographers and digital media contributors for InSight Magazine. As a photographer, he values the opportunity to document history both on the UCI campus and social activity throughout Southern California. Norbert’s passion is to capture the everyday power in everyday people by their words and actions through InSight’s stories.

Jocelyn Contreras

Digital Media

Jocelyn Contreras has a literary journalism major and is currently a digital media team intern. She is proud to have gotten an article published in the Voice of OC and worked in a start-up company known as YOUNGRY as Editor’s Assistant for 9 months. She shares the goal of InSight magazine of making knowledge actionable, and she aims to achieve her aspiration through writing impactful contents as well as producing films and images outlining the issue of poverty.


Lily Lucas


Lily Lucas, a double major in Business Economics and Literary Journalism, is a marketing team member as well as a content writer in InSight. Her sophisticated outlook and fluency in 3 languages come from having studied abroad in Paris and London. Having witnessed firsthand the gentrification of Los Angeles and the increasing rate of homelessness in a place near and dear to her, she is motivated to uncover and confront these issues head-on.

Ariel Hong Chan


Ariel Chan is a marketing coordinator of the InSight team. She deems awareness to have the utmost power in alleviating poverty, which cascades from a global scale to any individual near us. With a fluency in four different languages and a fascination by the increasingly globalized world, she hopes to connect with diverse cultures and engage interesting dialogues on poverty across the globe.