InSight Magazine is looking to grow its team. The publication will be accepting applications on various fronts, including content writing, digital-media, event planning and marketing. We are looking for additions to the following teams:

Content Writing Committee

This is a prioritized and highly requested section, we are seeking writers who can create high-quality written content for the magazine, writers will be assigned a selection of topics to choose from. This position also allows for more independent work. Writers will be compensated for stories selected towards publication.

Editorial Committee

Responsibilities as an editor will include evaluating pieces from our in-house content writers and outside submissions. Our team edits for clarity, grammar, and word-choice. Editors must be able to follow strict deadlines, pay close attention to detail, communicate with assigned writers, meet our editorial standards and regularly report new ideas for articles to the team. Those with previous editorial experience preferred.

Digital-Media Committee

The digital-media committee consists of artists and photographers who create visual content for the publication. Activities for photographers include attending and documenting community events, developing visual stories through photo essays as well accompanying content writers on trips. Artist activities include creating art series, original sketches and comics for the publication.

Events Committee

The events committee will be creating engaging on-brand events for the entirety of the quarter. Responsibilities include coordinating community service, campus and fundraising activities as well as event preparation such as reserving spaces, catering and other necessary logistics.

Marketing Committee

Responsibilities include developing on-brand marketing content to increase engagement from the community and readership. Marketing will work with events and social media in general public outreach such as with advertising, distributing posters and collaborating with other organizations on and off campus. The marketing committee will also be responsible for managing InSight Magazine’s social media channels including curating live videos, stories, posts and captions.

Social Media Committee

The social media committee will manage all social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium. This includes curating live videos, stories, posts and captions. The social media committee will be required to publish posts on a scheduled basis as well as interact with users and followers.


We are seeking one person to help in the maintenance of InSight Magazine’s website. Responsibilities will involve making necessary edits and improvements based on the publication’s needs. Must be proficient in using WordPress, CSS, and HTML.

Copy Editor

This position is dedicated to fact-checking and proofreading all content before it is published. The copy editor will be part of the editorial team and is expected to have sharp editing skills.

Applications are currently open and rolling. Applicants should submit a resume and short bio to [email protected]. Thank you!