The InSight Magazine team is composed of dedicated students guided by a board of advisors and other field experts.


Aditi Mayer – Founder

Aditi Mayer is a literary journalism and international studies double major passionate about the intersections of media and social action. Beyond working on InSight Magazine, she can be found on her sustainable fashion blog or serving as a board member of the Asian American Journalist Association.

Helena Carlson – Editor-in-Chief

Helena Carlson is a UC Irvine student studying literary journalism and software engineering. She hopes that in the years to come, InSight will continue to grow and engage its readers so that the issue of local poverty will have its place among Californian concerns.

Shantrell Lumpkin – Managing Editor

Shantrell Lumpkin is a 3rd year english major at UC Irvine. She has her own connection with poverty that drives her passion for creating transparency and understanding among readers. She hopes that the efforts of InSight will shed light on the issues that many people face in California as well as worldwide.

Core Team


Mariel Baconawa
Lily Lucas
Megan Tao
Zahrah Kabbara
Jenny Le
Ryan Fornoles

UCI Digi-Film Partnership

Jocelyn A Contreras
Corey Nguyen
Sharon He

Content Writing

Alex Cardona
Orbelin Portillo
Kaitlin Grace Aquino
Salaar Maghazeh
Reed Grable
Alexia Arechiga
Lori Sinanian

Digital Media

Sabrina Claros
Norbert Tsi
Robert Thornson
Kendra Sandoval


Vinita Santhosh
Claire Harvey
Qinguang Liang
Paola Mondragon
Crystal Kim
Jordan Williams
Ariel Chan


Sienna Kuo
Allene Acosta
Guillermo Castro
Leila Awad