Southern California has a way of grabbing the spotlight. It’s a storied city – a region known for sunshine and freeways, beaches and celebrity – but it’s the whispered stories that have held our attention: the true experiences of struggle and survival, behind the veil of what Southern California traditionally evokes.


These are the unheard stories of Southern California, the stories of where you live.


InSight Magazine seeks to address these narratives.


Situated in Irvine, California, our student team is often confronted with a life of contrast.


The university is often a terrain for social change– a place where knowledge is produced and disseminated, yet is often a walled space. We look at the ways in which poverty impacts students’ lives, constrains their learning, in a place in which lives can be improved.


It is from this deeply contradictory location that we educate students to consider how they can interrupt the ways in which the university acts on the problem of poverty—how they can speak back to their disciplines and professions.


Through this publication, we hope to grant the spaces for students to engage in the ways in which poverty in the local context is constituted, lived, and regulated.


It is through these encounters and engagements in which our producers and consumers of content develop new negotiations of identity, privilege, political responsibility and alliance.


We invite you to join us as we explore Southern California through the eyes and experiences of the lesser heard narratives of our home.

— InSight Magazine Editorial Team