When I first joined InSight in 2017 as part of the initial team, our group consisted of no more than a handful of editors and photographers. If you had asked me then, I would not have imagined InSight in its second year post-launch to have the momentum it has today — momentum that we hope to continue to build upon thanks to the team’s consistent dedication.

At its heart, InSight’s mission is to empower and educate its own community through storytelling and by exposing the realities faced by many of our neighbors each day. Ultimately, to even begin addressing something as vast as poverty, the need for both individual and institutional change is undeniable. Challenging the frameworks in which we as a society operate requires collective effort, and education on its own is not useful unless followed by some form of action.

InSight, over the last year alone, connected to its community and experimented with the boundaries between writing, advocacy and activism. We established a formal partnership with Irvine for Everyone, a grassroots organization whose mission is to combat homelessness. Our team participated in street outreach in Anaheim in an effort to better understand law enforcement sweeps. We also held action-oriented workshops for high school students by combining crafts with informational presentations. InSight has grown to be not only a publication but also a resource for those experiencing poverty and for empowering its readers to take part in the greater solution. In the years to come, our goal is to continue to evolve in that direction.

Helena Carlson, Editor-in-Chief, 2019