Faces and Voices of the 2019 Women’s March

By the InSight Digital Media Team

For many, attending the annual Women’s March last January was the right way to set off the new year with hope and enthusiasm. Thousands of people from all backgrounds in LA County and across the state came together to demonstrate in Downtown LA on pressing women’s issues at hand. The InSight Digital Media team spoke with a few attendees and here is what they had to say.

“I’m here to support women! It’s beautiful that we are all here to share love and to be with each other!”

Pictured above is Jihan Amer with two young girls holding signs. When asked why she was attending the march. Amer was a worker at one of the multiple booths where attendees could make their own signs or write why they were demonstrating on a post-it note to add to a wall of hundreds of other replies.

“To support women’s rights. To support what women stand for. To support equality.”

Pictured on the right is Aixa Medina who attended the march with her friend displaying their hand drawn signs.

“Get out and voice your opinion about what you believe in.”

Pictured above on the left is Regina, who was with her friend who the Women’s March in LA last year and the year before.

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