Here Is Our Stance: Black Lives Matter

It was a shot heard across the world, the death of George Floyd that is. It was a fire that ignited the frustration of thousands, even millions. And yet this frustration is one that has been brewing for hundreds of years. Time and time again, we see another black man killed on the news. There is pain, sorrow, and a desire to change the system and yet it hasn’t happened. Why? The death of George Floyd rocked a sinking ship. Protesters took to the streets and demanded justice in Minneapolis. Soon cities all over the world joined in peaceful protests and sit-ins. I was able to join a protest in my nearby city this past week. I was not shocked to see so many people, young and old, black and brown. The one thing that connected us all was our outrage. “Say his name” we chanted. “George Floyd” we chanted. You could hear the anger and anguish. And all I could think about while this happened is why IS this happening? Why do we keep having to ask “why”? Why can’t people see that our black brothers and sisters are being killed simply because they are black. Although slavery ended 400 years ago black Americans have had to continuously fight to be seen as humans.  Until there is change, there will be no justice for black men and women who have lost their lives.

At InSight Magazine we have always believed in shedding a light on all our communities struggles. In this moment, the Black Lives Matters movement has taken hold of our country and gripped it by the shoulders. We must stand together with our black brothers and sisters until we see justice and peace. Until they can go for a jog or to the store without fear consuming their entire being. We condemn all acts of racism. We encourage our readers and staff to watch and listen to the news, stories, and experiences of the Black community now and always. 

Many are asking themselves how they can be any ally during this time and we encourage you to support black-owned businesses, films, artists, and organizations. Being an ally is not only a single act of speaking out but also continuing to support the community in all aspects. Whether it is through the media or in conversation, now is the time to empathize, educate ourselves, and most importantly listen. We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement today and always.

“In the generational fight against systemic racism, we cannot be silent as our Black brothers and sisters are brutally killed in the hands of police forces during broad daylight. In this injustice, George Floyd’s loss is a reminder of the inhumane brutality of police officers and the broken criminal justice system that continuously fails to recognize the significance of oppression. As our country grieves this loss, we must stand strong together and fight against racial injustice that has tormented the social progress of our country for centuries. We cannot stay silent. We need change now because it is our only hope for justice. History is repeating itself, and the time to change the narrative of America is long overdue. We must be united in bringing George Floyd the justice he deserves. Black Lives will always matter.”

                                                                                                                - Christina Kevorkov

“When a protest occurs, it’s attempt’s goal is an outcry for change. When you breathe in and breathe out, it feeds your body the right to live. While you’re breathing out, and your chest is expanding outwards, realize that something as simple as a breath came to an end for George Floyd because of a cop who consciously knew that what he was doing to Mr. Floyd was going to kill him. So when you hear people chanting, screaming, and speaking in the streets, they are chanting, screaming, and speaking on behalf of George Floyd, David McAtee, Eric Garner, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and others who no longer can.”

                                                                                                                -Lori Sinanian

“Until Black Lives Matter in America, no people of color matter. As a Filipino American, I know my privilege is provisional. If the so called “Chinese virus” were the “Filipino virus,” it would have been us who were beaten. For Black Americans, brutality has not been consolidated to just a short few months or a few moments in history. Black Lives Matter. Every shred of the fragile privilege we enjoy is enjoyed on the backs of Black American lives. We shelter in our homes on the backs of Black lives. So we must use that privilege. We must stand with our Black brothers and sisters. If we’re not out there in the streets, we need to be donating. If we can’t donate, we need to say George Floyd’s name. It is imperative that all people of color say Black Lives Matter. For if their backs are broken from this oppression, we are all coming down with them.”

                                                                                                                - Ryan Fornoles

“The systems in this nation were built to oppress black lives, and until these systems are dismantled, we will need movements like Black Lives Matter to help organize and inspire people to protest. Protests are extremely important because justice is long overdue. There has been too much silence. We need change. I stand in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and their amazing work as well as with everyone across this nation exercising their right to go out and protest the death of George Floyd and the oppression of black lives. For those who cannot go out and protest, don’t forget to sign petitions, donate to organizations, and elevate the voices of those who need it most.”

                                                                                                                  -Daisy Murguia

“The American tradition of anti-Blackness has been allowed to go on for too long. When another innocent Black person is murdered, government and private sector leaders say they share the heartache as they glide over the concerns,fears, anxieties, and needs of the Black community. If institutions of power will turn a blind eye to Black folk, then we will rally to the defense. If police officers will not listen to our pleas to end police brutality, then we will fight. Together we are stronger. Together we can breathe.”

                                                                                                                   - Oscar Garcia

“We must continue to protest and keep the conversation going. Black Lives Matter and until our government acknowledges and enforces drastic change the public will continue to shed a light on the injustices that are happening. We need a change and in fact, we needed it a long time ago. To sit in silence while many in our country are fearful of going outside because of the color of their skin is to sentence them to a wrongful death. It is not enough that a few are outraged but we ALL need to be outraged. Please listen and hear the pain of our black brothers and sisters. Educate those around you on the systematic oppression and racism that has haunted our country for far too long. Go out and vote. Support black owned businesses. Be and ally and listen. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement today and everyday.”

- Brittany Zendejas


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