Photo-essay: Women Marching Into a Promising New Year

Photos by the InSight Digital Media Team
Blurb by Robert Thornson

The poverty gap widens significantly between men and women going into adulthood. Women in the US are more likely to be affected by poverty, resulting in more difficulty accessing basic resources including healthcare, childcare and mental health services.

Here in California exists one of the highest poverty rates in the nation, with about 19 percent of the state’s population living in poverty. This computes to approximately 7.5 million impoverished Californians. California may have the narrowest gender wage gap in the country, but with rising costs for housing it becomes extremely difficult for both men and women of California to afford shelter.

Pictured above are images of the 2019 Los Angeles Women’s March from January 19th, a demonstration that attracted thousands of attendees with their signs and flags voicing concerns with issues against women. The march carried themes of empowerment and asserting the demands of women all over California and the country. As we step into this new year with enthusiasm and hope, especially with a wave of females taking positions in the US Congress, we are reminded that although we are a long way from equality for all, we are not in this fight alone.

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