Friday, April 24, 2015

"Rage in Color" ---- Poetry by Alexandria Montgomery

We enter into New Years hoping to purge the last of all global adversity, but in our annual catharsis we lose a fraction of our humanity.

No new year can erase the erasure of a culture of colored oppression.

This poem is to Israel, Jim Crow, Iran Contra,  diaspora choking the dead, and capitalism covering slave shackles.
Even if we could tolerate your tricks, we would not tolerate your tricks.

This poem is to George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, NYPD, KKK. Even if we could tolerate your tricks, we wouldn't tolerate your tricks.

As a black woman, I am not just breasts and sex. I am Eric Garner's lungs crushed by a society of white supremacy.
I am Trayvon Martin's tea spilling an Arizona sunset onto Floridian concrete. I am Mike Brown's swishers suffocating under tobaccos acrid stench, waiting for weed under Missouri's bloody breeze.

This ain't Dayton, Ohio. This is black feet hidden by the night and guided by Harriet Tubman's light. This is all 2/3 human beings gathering to take down Mr. Man's regime.

This is Ferguson, Missouri. Selma, Alabama. Gary, Indiana.  Detroit, Michigan. Compton and Queens.

This is blood under brown skin burnt by Mr. Man's fire.

Tell that arsonist even if we could take his tricks. we wouldn't take his tricks.
And his flames we will quell,
His flames we will quell,
His flames we will quell.

Alexandria Montgomery is a crazed poet with an acumen for not only social consciousness, but spiritual consciousness as well. Alexandria, or the Sohamist, has a reputation for being a 'radical' and nearly getting her journalism teacher fired. Writer for high school paper (found at and regular blogger at

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