Jaylin Paschal is the founder and editor of INSIGHT Magazine. She also runs Creative Liberation, a personal blog where you can read through her rants and rambles. At school Jaylin is Editor-in-Chief of her school paper and an editor of the school's literary arts magazine. She spends her days writing and sleeping, or wishing she could write or sleep.
CONTRIBUTIONS: March Letter from the Editor, Colorism, The Internet and Journalism, April Letter from the Editor, Why Your Black on Black Crime Argument is Irrelevant

Jordan Thomas is a Marvel Comics enthusiast, a lover of music, and an ashamed Redditor.
CONTRIBUTIONS: The Anti-Vax Movement

Alexandria Montgomery is a crazed poet with an acumen for not only social consciousness, but spiritual consciousness as well. Alexandria, or the Sohamist, has a reputation for being a 'radical' and nearly getting her journalism teacher fired. Writer for high school paper (found at and regular blogger at
CONTRIBUTIONS: Why We Should be Critical of Pop Culture, The Beauty of #BLACKOUTDAY, Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Hi! My name is Kara Combs and I am a student at Northmont High School. Outside of school I participate in Academic Challenge and Youth group at church. I hope you enjoy my contributions to Insight,
CONTRIBUTIONS: Bitcoin, The Deep Web, Bizarre Boston

My name is Anzie Dasabe. I talk about things that end in -ism. Known for large hair and even larger opinions. Follow me on twitter/insta/tumblr at @egyptique.
CONTRIBUTIONS: Intersectional Feminism

Byron Berry|19| Artist| Founder of the local youth collective Midwest Art Movement in Dayton, OH.

 As an aspiring journalist and teacher, Cody Shuster has been part of the high school journalism program for four years.
CONTRIBUTIONS: "Learning in America"

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